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Mr. Agung has been a very accomplished and aspiring student. No wonder he was selected to represent Indonesia through a youth exchange program to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and Thailand.

His leadership potential has been constantly shown throughout the activities and programs administered by the IAAS, an IGaF. He is actively involved in. His academic record is exceptional, resulting from her ability to balance the academic and non academic causes, his intelligence and open mindedness.

Our professional partnership continues at International Association of Student in Agricultural and Related Science, a community learning centre which aims to it can solve the problem of agriculture which is currently facing, The utilization of waste organic and inorganic materials, Encouraging the exchange of ideas in agricultural education and the implementation of the agricultural system, social and economic development of people in the local community.

Registered as one of our dedicated volunteers since 2014, MrAgung has been a vital part of our cause. He is now responsible in managing human resources and environment.

I feel safe and secure in recommending his for the program that will benefit the foundation in the future. MrAgung is very interested in opportunities such as this, particularly those which would afford his chance to travel to the EU to develop his skills to become an even stronger leader in this community.

If he is selected, his responsibilities will be delegated to other volunteers who also believe that his participation in the program will bring greater good for the foundation.

I have no doubt that he is one of the most promising participants or the program. I therefore recommend his as the representative of the foundation and also as the representative of east java youth activists in general


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