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Agung is an award-winning chef, agriculture advocate, public speaker, and writer. He promotes sustainable agriculture, and farm-to-table cuisine. As a result of this typhoon, farmers resorted to drastic measures to make an income, such as cutting down trees to sell, creating environmental problems.

Farmers in the Indonesian live below the poverty line, and are vulnerable to disaster, among many other factors that make their day-to-day lives and livelihoods more difficult. The Project was created to educate them so that they can live a better quality of life.

It aims to combat deforestation by reviving barren lands through tree planting, creating economic forests and nurseries, promoting fair trade and reforestation, while empowering farmers with higher incomes using project, a high-value product, suited to the Indonesian climate and ecosystem, durable and weather resilient.

The reforestation efforts have seen the revival of two water sources in the community, due to increased water retention in the soil. The Project promotes natural and responsible farming practices, agroforestry, making their own fertilisers and preserving traditional and circular farming methods. The venture has trained over 200 farmers and planted over 85,000 trees across 80 hectares of land.

Agung lives in a rural area in the Indonesian, where hee perceived the importance of ensuring food security and supporting the local farmers. At the United Nations 2017 Winter Youth Assembly, Agung won a lifetime Fellowship from the Resolution Project for his social venture.

He is a Young Champion of the Earth for Asia and the Pacific under United Nations Environment Programme. He was also awarded The Outstanding Young Innovation of the Indonesian.


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