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This time I will share the story of the test in PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), the Registration of recruitment with the State-Owned Enterprises (SOES) and the Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) is open until March 24, 2019. In the recruitment 2019, state-owned enterprises to open 11.000 jobs for high school graduates, Diploma, Degree and Master.     110 SOES involved in recruitment with it. Through social media accounts Twitter, FHCI convey the groove of the registration program recruitment with state-owned 2019.  Applicants this job can do the registration on the portal FHCI state-owned enterprises in   Select "Create an Account" on the portal FHCI SOES. The contents of the column creating an account with email and NIK. After creating an account, applicants can do the registration by selecting "Sign in."Select "Biodata" on the menu bar and then click the "Fill Biodata."   Furthermore, complete data as needed