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Posting this time about permits to get the Letters the Task of Learning in the ministry of Planning and Development of the Republic of Indonesia or the BAPPENAS and at the same time the management of the passport office. Okay, for the sake of condense time, this he stage-stage management of such. Tell to the employer much, if you can start from a year earlier our desire to continue the study (a kind of licensing oral) so that the tops don't shock or thought to want to run away (Not like I put a sudden.   We actually can work while in college even wear a scholarship of the Ministry but if you have a pass to be Back hehe Once accepted by the University, prepare the copy of the acceptance letter or Admission Letter. After getting the certainty of a scholarship, ask the letter of the contract scholarship and prepare copy/copies of the Mple.  Prepare a memo to the immediate supervisor (the case here directly to the Minister) regarding the application for the Task of Learning to continue