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The Role of CLA (Community Lovers of Animals) in Preventing the Smuggling of Wildlife in Indonesia.

The Role of CLA (Community Lovers of Animals) in Preventing the Smuggling of Wildlife in Indonesia.
Indonesia is a country rich in diversity of fauna. It is estimated as many as 300,000 type of wildlife or about 17% of the world's wildlife is in Indonesia. However, Indonesia also known as a country that has a long list of endangered wildlife. The number of types of wildlife endangered Indonesia is 184 types of mammals, 119 species of birds, 32 reptiles, and 32 different types of amphibian. The total number of animal species endangered Indonesia with critical category (being critically endangered) there are 69 species, endangered category (endangered) 197 species and category of vulnerable (vulnerable) there are 539 types. The cause of his endangered wildlife Indonesia the first destruction of habitat is reduced and that both hunting and trade in wildlife. The decline in the broad forest became an important factor in the cause of his endangered wildlife Indonesia, because the forest habitat for wildlife. The conversion of the forest into palm oil plantations, industrial plants and mines became a serious threat to the conservation of wildlife, including rare wildlife like orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and Sumatran elephants. The driving factors of occurrence of deforestation and forest degradation, namely the paradigm of development that hasn't submissive on the principle of sustainable development, the lack of leadership in the process of setting up and managing forests, Chasing a target of economic growth without paying attention to power support environment and sustainability of the forest, and the existence of a gap in demand and supply of wood and Palm. The wildlife trade is becoming a serious threat to the conservation of wildlife Indonesia. More than 95% of animals sold in the market is the catch of nature is not the result of a captive. Various types of protected wildlife and endangered species still traded freely in Indonesia.
Many animals are hunted and traded illegally are a wide variety of bird species, namely Garuda Eagle, Crested Cockatoo, Cockatoos, Yellow Black, Raven, Cormorant fields, Starling, birds, Parrots, etc.
While other animals traded Weasel, Bobcat, lizards, ants, Porcupine Panama Porcupine, Ground Squirrel Ground Squirrels or and so on. Although in Indonesia the Sumatran elephant legislation categories include animals that are protected, the living space of most animals is often located outside the protected area and therefore their habitat remains the Foundation of the farm land is threatened. WWF Indonesia reports mention last less than a decade, there are 129 elephants killed in Sumatra, especially in Riau Province. As many as 59% of deaths caused the poisoning, the other 5% are killed using firearms. In addition to the ivory trade practices caused the dark, many elephants were also killed due to a conflict with the citizens. This is exacerbated by the existence of a trend in the plantation open Elephant habitat. The main cause of the decline in habitat and population of Sumatran elephant missing or damaged many forests converted to plantations.

The role of CLA (Community lovers of Animals) in preventing the illegal trade of wildlife
1. The role of Community lovers of Animals as a MotivatorCLA Tesso Nilo programs strive to preserve the Tesso Nilo forest and making it an example of the landscapes of the lowland forests of Sumatra area and is one of the Global 200 ecoregions is CLA. The strategy and action plan for conservation of elephants nationwide already available, of course this needs to be elaborated in accordance with the conditions andneeds of each region and applied in such a way, the success of cooperation amongobservers of the elephant, the strengthening of law enforcement relating to the illegal trade in elephant ivory, as well as the results of the workshop that promises that have held the WWF Indonesia with raising national action to support the protection of elephants and the Implement of the strategy and the plan will be the solution to the problem of human-elephant conflict especially in Riau.
2. The role of Community lovers of Animals as communicatorsCLA as a communication facility through the approach of the Government, enterprises and society by applying human conflict form handling and the elephants by using techniques of flying squad that started since 2004 in the village of Libuk Hibiscus flowers. In 2006 the CLA cooperation with several companies who are in the area of the Tesso Nilo National Park have cooperated in the Flying Squad using the technique to use elephants trained to herd wild elephants out of area companies.
3. The role of Community lovers of Animals as intermediariesCLA focuses their efforts on crimes against wildlife in the northern region Sumatra and Borneo, as well as patrol team operates increase the capacity and the awareness of the Government. CLA is one of the largest civil society groups in Indonesia and works in the field of crimes against wildlife in four major areas. Provide support by periodically in cases of crimes against wildlife, government training workshops cooperated with TRAFFIC and the Indonesian Centre for Environmental Law (ICEL). Protected wildlife trade is the crime of crimes, which had violated the provisions of the Act – Act No. 5 of 1990 concerning conservation of natural resources, the ecosystem and Biodiversity. In chapter V of the Act No. 5 of 1990 concerning conservation of natural resources, the ecosystem and Biodiversity has been described concerning the preservation of plants and animals. It is intended as a place for wildlife rehabilitation results of operations performed by the Government of the case of wild trading. Wildlife Rescue Centre is one of the institutions concerned with the existence of protected wildlife. This place became one of the purposes of the Government or the Police Department as a place of wild animal care. It is preferred animal rescue, animal rehabilitation, and conservation education. For that, I need to know how the protection of animals from the wild trading once the conservation agencies. With studies on Wildlife Rescue Centre, which is one of the institutions to care for and rehabilitate wildlife.

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