Wednesday, January 31, 2018

International Invention and Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN) 2018

The event aims to provide a fine, brand-new platform in Canada for prolific overseas inventors, innovators and research scientists with spectacular ideas and students with great talents to grasp a special opportunity to showcase creativity and some of their finest innovation projects and scientific research outcomes in this international event established in Canada. 2018 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2018 put its main focus to offer a new showground, a platform for recognition of creativity and innovation especially to ALL overseas participants. iCAN 2018 provides all-around program including display and exhibition of inventions, educational seminars followed by the awarding ceremony of recognizable invention entry applications. The event will serve as a great opportunity for all participants to be recognized for creativity through their inventions and introduce their innovative products to the Canadian market. Organized by Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS), it is the first international event of inventions and innovative projects ever held in Canada and a celebration for all achievements made by talented inventors of today’s generation from multiple countries. iCAN 2018 will be held in Toronto, Canada joined by both local and international creative forces from diverse industries.

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