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Hello this time I want to share the experience of enrolling in PT. PETROSIDA Gresik which is a subsidiary of PT. PETROKIMIA GRESIK. A when in groub force and MARKETING department during S1 at the University of Brawijaya, suddenly a friend of my classmate gave me information that This again recruitment, he gave me information if recruitment is done online many date health certificate, CV or curriculum vitae, Scanned diploma, scanned transcript grades, Toefl or English language proficiency of at least 450, the Accreditation of campus of a minimum of A.

That time I was not interested because still on fire in the ministry and again nyusun conference for thesis I in Korea hehe. Incidentally I got a scholarship to KGSP or the Korean Government Scholarship Programme of the Korean government, are not bound anyway if already passed back to Indonesia please, if you want to work in Korea in facilitation, pengenya the hell of working in abroad because the culture of his awful, was professional and very appreciate the time. But parents do not allow sob, my mother told you from JUNIOR high - College have been given scholarships by the state now is the time to serve the country, ok fine I'm working in Indonesia finally on the Bappenas well though in Jakarta every 2 weeks to go home to Banyuwangi hehe understandably people say hell is a mama's boy hahah.

A when I told mother that in Gresik there are jobs children of PT. Petrokimia Gresik I often forget what his name is so often mentioned subsidiaries, directly quickly my Mother replied "the list of aja le right good work in East Java can often pulkam or our visit to Gresik" because parents told me to try coba aja lah, take me while looking for experience, then I will just directly fill out the form online and done live waiting for the announcement. This announcement that This open recruitment of disnaker Gresik, wow that S1 Department of r & d just taken 5 people, ah the stupid pretend I create new experiences cak

1. Stage Administration 
This stage the SDM resources of PT. PETROSIDAGRESIK assess our file is appropriate or not based on the ability that they are looking to collaborate with the department hehe, I can't share the tips here. because the company rate but just the information info of the SDM resources and personnel that register the initial stage of reach 9890 thousand people throughout Indonesia, on the stage of the administration it is taken up to 120 people for Validation

2. Validation and Filing 
Hem this stage which consists of 120 people invited to Gresik for file validation and Filing in the Building PT. PETROSIDA GRESIK, is obliged to come and bring the file to the original one not taken is considered the fall of wow sadistic yeah haha, at that time position in Jakarta and I said to the old man that escaped the initial stage and ask for advice come or not, uh were told to come just deh buy the ticket hehe. This is the first time I went to Gresik, and the first impression is the HOT kayaking the Fire burning haha. Time to Juanda airport I ride the Damri terminal to the bunder, after that an Uber ride and pass through this gate.

Loh there is a symbol of great PT PETROKIMIA GRESIK and under him there are 2 small logo yes who else if not children company his This and Petrochemical Kayaku, mean this great company think my previous just look the hell wrote the name of the Petrochemical industry because the brother level a lot of the work there and there is usually a knowledge sharing problem of the carrier on the campus so a little bit of know but don't know the company its like anything hahaha just elok elok onions.

In the hearts of the goodly gede hell, and trying to remember if it had ever come recruitment Petrochemical until the stage of user interview, if I continue yes come here that time but my trigger went to Korea, this story test at PT Petrokimia year 2015 Can be read here. yes friends, I can ration verification the morning or a wave is the time that I sleep at his home site which is located Jalan Usman Aware gang 12 hehe that afternoon I was invited to muter2 Gresik enjoy the view of the rentier tan company, I release some stress this last case if you do not qualify haha says the person hell difficult to get petro groub fine run.

That time I hope the test quick because I leave for 2 days and directly there is a task to Lombok to Bappeda, I just bring the clothes a little lazy to elaborate

3. Verifikasi dan penyerahan fotocopy berkas 

Berikut nama nama yang dipanggil tahap 3 ini terlampir 

The information is pasted on the board and provided a table of the verification as well as tarup, one by one a name was called, I was in the security post anyway because it was told to replace the white shirt haha I take it the official uniform of that time, after changing my path to the table verify tiba2 called security as his upset while yelling, hey, if the way seen mas, constantly called, came to me, why Sir, his father replied still ask, You know the mistake you, me, no Sir am I one of what, Sir his guard if the road line yellow mas read his rules, I, good Sir, in the heart of where try to his rules no ih nyebelin sih, yaudah lah wait cak. 

While sitting waiting for called me to talk to other participants, remember the time it was the same Dhani take r & d also happen to us se UB hehe he is working in the department of agriculture Gresik her father working in the Petrochemical, keep behind me there was Nikita he take r & d also department of biology happen to se the alma mater also of UB and the last one the same mas Wimala harimurti coincidence of chemical engineering, ITS first work in Wika tablets yes but SOE loh kok resign I didn't ask the hell, eh still fun to chat suddenly my name was called then disconnected deh wkwkw, after I attach a copy of the file all I go straight home to jakarta because my leave just 2 days. And the next test is psychological or psychological in the Building of Psychology, University of Airlangga surabaya.

After the completion card is given which will be taken each stage of the selection. 

4. Psychological test

Psychology is not a new thing anyway I used to test when the student time, selection of outstanding students of the main level of the University the test even more severe than at 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon break just pray and eat out, it was continued again until this hot brain, a coincidence that makes about cpns and examinations psychology test right Bappenas so I'm pretty familiar with this test when iku's armed with concentration you see what needs to be studied because there is no wrong and right just know a person's character only. If you want to know tips psychological test can be seen here.

Time it was Friday, good fuck gentlemen go back to their hometown in Banyuwangi after his after conduct psychological tests a day given consumption may be because of drained yes hungry haha 

5. FGD (Forum Groub Discussion) 

The test is divided into groups each group consists of 10 people then there is the Leader of his lead debate, and I offer as a moderator and opened the discussion, that time I had a bunch of the same department, 3 Biology, 2 HPT including me only from IPB, 2 from Agriculture, 1 from Agribusiness and s2 graduate Microbiology graduate of the University of Adelaide Australia. Continue to give the Topic a problem where we were told to finish his. His Tips don't get most right, don't interrupt, don't memojokan one of the parties, the work team, don't be selfish. Incidentally graduates S2 a lot of the hell that sign up that time. Right the chat is so fun because they use examples of cases in Abroad the point of knowledge is very instrumental here and read a lot if not definitely upset, and most importantly here do not Diem iku sign you are an individual and not innovative. Ok done after the test for those who pass will proceed to the stage of the user interview will be held at the This company again, oh yes the value of the results of psychology will be accumulated with the results of the FGD loh so the announcement so one.


This Interview was conducted in the 2nd Floor of building This, because I took the Department of r & d and LH entrance of the Directorate of Engineering and Production then the interview conducted in the Director of Engineering and Production time that I don't know anyone and don't want to find out who the name of the board of directors because I have a weakness it is difficult to remember the name of the person hehe. Again I goto the schedule in the morning and the day was only made that admission Undergraduate course D3 and high SCHOOL separate schedule. My order no 4 and each person can be allotted time 30 minutes, consider aja sidang skripsi haha and happened to mention that mengunji 4 people, that time 1. Director of Engineering and Production 2. Manager r & d and LH 3. Production Manager and 1 person from HR.

Here the peak of her actually or determining accepted its not because that gives the recommendation is suitable is not joined with the department of such, here. I debate at length I could not tell the details for reasons of privacy hehe, actually that was discussed a Curriculum vitae me the hell a lot because I write international experience all so much asked but on the other hand I prepare evidence in the form of a certificate of his jaga2, if asked willing umbrella before it rains hehe, my previous experience in Korea asked her proof anyway.

Most of aja that I take because I already take home to Banyuwangi after graduation so I just take a small part of the international course. That I collect since of the new students around 210 certificate the total of Competitions, both national and international, organizations, officials, ambassador, volunteer, speaker, etc. After the test I came home my aunt because of the tired back and forth jakarta, and announcements will be in the info right Next.


The announcement came and continued the interview the board of directors, again only done admissions Undergraduate course that time, one by one called in my order no 6, the stages of this fairly quickly just 10 minutes just because the bottom line strengthening of the statement. The testers 1. Director Of This, 2. Director of finance, 3. Director of Engineering and Production 4. Marketing director I forget his name who wrote understandably a habit difficult to memorize the name of the person, the test is conducted in English. That time while it was reading psychology and evaluation, alhamdulilah the results of my hell he said high intelligence, IQ, EQ, SQ is very high but easy to stress wkwkwkw understandably Sir name is human hehe. Mr. president many asked about my experience abroad. Incidentally, I never continue the S2 in korea.

Sir dirtek diem the hell just help to strengthen the statement I may have a lot to ask in user interviews so now the nature of his support aja. Sir dirsar ask too much questions about my research and so expert staff in UNEP or the United Nations Environment Programme, Seoul, South Korea just happened to work there also. Mr. mr. tunggul instead explain Salaries, facilities, allowances etc. and his stupid I'm not mudeng what hahah the problem of accounting deh wkwkw at this stage a lot of friend of a friend who was offered a move department or downgrade so D3 and high SCHOOL he said he was gtu, but thank god I wasn't offered a move and the downgrade fixed using S1 certificate and a department of r & d hehe. After that I was told to prepare for a medical check-up or medical test. Loh yes the announcement of the aja yet kok told ready ready yes with the PD of his wah mean that we qualify for this

8. Medical Check-Up

Health test done at the Hospital Petrokimia Gresik, the test takes 2 days. The first day of the test on its common tests include blood tests, heart, lungs. Ambeyen, ear etc. the Second day of the run goes around the field as much as 7 times on a 12 hour day know own right Gresik heat of the kayak, what, it goes around 7 times oi, kayak want to give up kala iku thirsty in the middle of the trip the run still goes around the 4 field but alhamdulilah finished up 7 times after it's finished and an announcement will be made 2 weeks after his 

9. The Announcement Of The Results

Thank god that email came as well and I am officially so prospective employees PT. PETROSIDA GRESIK status of Management trainee or MT for 3 months for acceptance of S1, 6 months for admission D3 and 9 months for the receipt of high SCHOOL. After that there was no briefing or training for 1 week before entering the department each

Oh ya berikut nama nama yang keterima penerimaan Sarjana semua department di PT. PETROSIDA GRESIK 

10. Management trainee 

Waktu itu semua direksi dan manager memperkenalkan diri dan menjelaskan department masing-masing dan memberikan pembekalan. Disela sela itu kami ada games dan menentukan ketua, wakil dan bendahara angkatan untuk mempermudah koordinasi dan soalnya aku ditunjuk jadi wakil ketua hiks nyebelin banget. Oh ya waktu itu saya memakai Dasi selama training kebiasaan di kantor lama sih hahah disini terlihat aneh tapi PD saja yang penting tidak salah 

Kalau ini semua angkatan 

Team Litbang (Unit pengembangan Produk dan Pengembangan Teknik) 

Nanti saya lanjutkan cerita setelah masuk department masing-masing, sekarang sudah dulu yah hehe 

To be countinue guys 


  1. inspiratif...... tolong dong dijelasin kira kira habis biaya berapa ya modal awal (biaya tranaport, kos, makan, dll selama digresik)selama proses awal ndaftar sampai ketrima di Petrosida?


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