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Assessment Overview technical online LPDP 


Based on information from the breast MILK of an institution partner of the LPDP, a general overview of the implementation of the assessment online is that the participants will be given 24 hours and the test will take 30 – 60 minutes. Then to be additional notes that the types of test in assessment online this is a psychology test. For those who have never get to experience the psychological tests it will be very confused and will be wondering how the technical implementation yes?


I will try to share my experience about psychological tests online, where the current I following the selection of part-time employment in Korea in the NGO Tunza Eco-generation under the auspices of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the year 2015 and up on the stage of the test. To make it easier I will itemize the parts and will associate with the selection of LPDP, the difference may be in terms of the language used


Get link assessment online. So I was given the link by the committee to I visit then I fill the form of identity. So likely when friends are given a link to go page assessment online, the first step friends will probably be told to fill out forms of identity.


Psychology test online Tunza Eco Generation also has the same duration with the test assessment online LPDP is ± 60 minutes. During the 60 minutes that I am given the opportunity to answer the questions-saol psychology-details, I was given a time of approximately 1 minute to do 1 matter. So the picture of each question has a timer alarm, if friends have been checking the answers and time has not run out then I am welcome to clicking next to go to the next question. But if friends have not yet checked the answer and time is up then hanguslah opportunity for answering questions and lose points.


Types of test questions psychology of the actual type of test questions basic psychology, I do not remember exactly the questions what. However, after trying to remember (hehehehe), yes because it's like basic math, sequence numbers, synonyms/antonyms, a matter about the story and so on. In addition to the types about it, about a personality test that told to choose strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree, strongly disagree, disagree and somewhat disagree. Given the assessment online is a psychology test then it is likely also these kinds of because not much different from the psychological tests in general


There is no guarantee that a technical assessment online LPDP will be exactly the same with a psychology test online that I ever follow, I share my experience so that friends have an overview of how the assessment online. Isn't reading other people's experiences will be very useful for friends in the selection.


Tips to conquer the assessment online LPDP

VMI (Values and Motives Inventory) is an assessment that provides a profile of values and motivation which determine how much energy or effort that will be excluded a person in the workplace. This assessment consists of 122 items and is usually completed within ±20 minutes. 


15FQ+ (Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus) is a questionnaire designed to see an overview of someone's personality. There is no right or wrong answer in answering this questionnaire. This questionnaire consists of 200 questions. There is no time limit but generally people get it done in time ±30 minutes.


The following submitted Username and password to log in Online Assessment, with the following conditions :

1 the website Address for the implementation of online assessment is

2. Username and password are CONFIDENTIAL;

3 To avoid errors in typing your username and password, it is recommended to do a copy-paste;

4 In do copy-paste You requested more thoroughly to avoid the presence of characters such as spaces that may have ter-copy, resulting in your username and password into is not appropriate.

5 Please do the online assessment in the time that has been set. You can do the online assessment outside of the specified time and You have a limit on Log in. If You work outside the time you set, then it will be disqualified.

6. A series of online assessment, which You will do takes up time ± 1 hour, so please to work in a place that has a stable connection and make sure You work with a comfortable conditions.


Stop be proud of themselves, feel very know and makes it easy something. Most participants did not pass into a selection because feel already very qualified so there is no need of preparation that is too excessive, whereas the selection of LPDP is not as easy as that. Many surprises are very unexpected to be friends face. So from now on waste feeling like that and multiply the exercises and exercise psychology test.


Select the time and the right location. LPDP give 24 hours for assessment online, that friends are free to choose h regardless of the friends will do that test, of origin no later than 24 hours after the time specified or after the link assessment is submitted. Select time-the time that allows friends in the conditions of a good mood and primed.


Then select a convenient location and have a fast internet connection and stable, this is because the tests are online. Friends do not want it while the test is ongoing friends spend time just to wait for the long loading. Including comforts like places to look, avoid places that are too crowded and could potentially interfere with the concentration and the course of the test.


Prepare dossiers of registration to Remember the possibility of form filling of identity, then there is no harm in friends mempersipakan files friends in a place that can be reached predictably and quickly by friends.


Expand the reference about the psychology Now in google has many kinds of psychology tests online, friends can simply enter the keyword and follow the instructions for the test (fixed be careful in filling up the identity of the yes). While there is still time, learn and practice so that when the test can later be more accustomed to and felt no shock with the matter of psychology. Friends will not have time to open a tab/new window to help find the answers because of the time limit, so your friend should really train quick thinking in answering test questions of psychology.


Be honest in giving answers. Psychological test is one of them is the want to know kepribadain friends, honest in providing answers will determine the outcome of friends. Don't because want to look better in this test then friends as plah in answer, because of how even if your friends pass then on the selection of the substance would be highly visible personality of the original friends. Remember our scholarship recipients of state money the money of people, if how to get it alone is cheating then the moral responsibility that must be borne by it of a lifetime.


The first VMI (Values and Motives Inventory), according to the LPDP, VMI is an assessment that provides a profile of values and motivation which determine how much energy or effort that will be excluded a person in the workplace. The second is the 15FQ+ (Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus), according to the LPDP, is a questionnaire designed to see an overview of someone's personality.


The second test is no assessment of right or wrong, and there's my little opinion and tips regarding the selection of assessment this online: Any questions will be given answers that lead to positive (strongly agree, agree, somewhat agree, true, yes, etc.), negative (disagree, strongly disagree, slightly disagree, wrong, not, etc.), and neutral (undecided, don't know etc.). The first rule in choosing the answer is TRY Not to SELECT the ANSWERS NEUTRAL.


Question-the question is very psychological, a few questions for us lay people may not know what that means. From my experience yesterday, many of the questions I ask directly of your personality, whether you can work well together, do you prefer to work individually or team, etc. Up to questions are quite biased as to whether you like the art of this and that and the other. A LOT of-a LOT to LEARN ABOUT PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS, don't get answers we don't sync with other answers.


A few questions on selection of assessment online, especially in the 15FQ+, it feels like asked repeatedly. for example in question 13 there is a question about the art, well in the question to 54 there is another question similar. I do not know whether these tips are useful, but GIVE me A CONSISTENT ANSWER. not until you answer one question with YES, after a question arose similar other instead you answer NO.


Obey the rules of psychological number one, to be HONEST. Maybe the appraiser assessments online this can know where honest and not only from the view jawaban2 us. This selection is quite difficult and tricky, especially because THERE has been no alumni LPDP EVER take THIS TEST, so it is still a little tips that can be used. Maybe for those who want to join the LPDP starting in 2017 and beyond will feel the great challenge was never felt by the recipient-the recipient of the LPDP before.


Make sure all data/identity completely and fill in all the answers without the remaining one, REMEMBER!!! Do not clear answer.. One of the trivial things that cause people to fail in the selection online is usually because the wrong in filling identity, whereas seleskis online that has a system that is already integrated. Then do not be too long focus on one matter so spend the time in vain, mantaplah in the choose answer and click next. And last if available a button "FINISH or SUBMIT button" then be sure to click on it, not to have tired of answering instead in vain due to not pressing the button.



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