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StuNed Scholarships - Study in Holland

This time I will share the experience to apply for this Scholarship StuNed when I did a research report in the Ministry of Planning and National Development some friends talking about this scholarship, I'm not interested anyway originally because again onfire in the ministry of hehe, but because there will be a rapture of the echelon and one of the conditions already experienced of course,


in addition it must be at least Master's or Doctoral then I idly tried to register StuNed {anyways pendaftaranya online and no interview so not take a lot of time living summit file "sorted out" after that just wait for the announcement of the point of registration only see files and achievements /experience applicants} registration opens every year, every April 1 deadline and opened on 5 February if not mistaken. keep in mind that the intake of tuition for scholarships is Between the months of August to november of the same year and only on the campus of the Netherlands or the Netherlands just because of the scholarship from the government of the Netherlands hehe.


I'll tell you the experience of signing up several other scholarships such as the LPDP, NFP, KGSP and so on. but I didn't take the scholarship, including the Scholarship StuNed because a thing until I got a warning from a friend "you tu sukanya fucking with scholarship gung once accepted you reject" I reject also has a reason {I have already explained why I refused the scholarship Click here.


Then if there is spare time I spend writing a surefire way mempeoleh LoA some college Top of the World. I have been getting some LoA campus carry, there may be a need help on how to apply the campus that Inshaallah I am willing to help hehe.


After those long application scholarship processes, I barely know that every scholarship has its own character. Not only preparing your application and the battle of the selection process, but you also need to have an in-depth understanding in terms of your objectives and characters, and the scholarship’s objectives and characters. Unintentionally, both will create such a great configuration once you have been accepted. They choose you because you are suitable with their aims and vice versa. In the meantime, once you are failed, no need to think that you are not smart enough, but please thinking that there are many great things left behind which have been prepared for and suit you the best. “Success is not always about how great your achievement is, but sometimes success is about how you deal with your failure.”

Last but not least, another case is that sometimes we also have to deal with the condition of whether or not the scholarship is more important than the major or specification we are keen on. As its consequence, we often experience the shifting of academic and financial motivation in which we, unfortunately, need to change our most preferably major in a purpose to be more easily getting the scholarship. This circumstance might occur for applicants who want to apply for Stuned or other scholarships. Nevertheless, don’t let that condition happens to you. Because if I could say some words, choosing a master’s degree is not an option, but somehow, it must be a priority. You need to focus on your passion and what you really want to struggle for in the upcoming academic year once you have already been accepted. In fact, there are many things out there you need to deal with during your master’s life. The Honeymoon Phase would actually end immediately.

To close these elaborative procedural instructions regarding Stuned Scholarship and my personal experience as well as the lesson learned I have obtained, I just want to shout out: “Good luck and I am wishing you all the best for your scholarship application process! Allah will definitely guide you to the right decision and Allah will absolutely choose the right destiny for you as well. In between of your struggles, always reminds Allah.

The announcement of the Scholarship takes almost 50 Days {reasonable anyway because only the file selection} after I opened Facebook on 5 June suddenly there was a posting of StuNed that the announcement is already out, I immediately opened the e-mail and Alhamdulillah, it was Accepted, but the announcement dated 2 June I just found that out 3 days later hehe

2nd of June I officially declared as the Awardee StuNed and given 5 days if no one to reply to the email, receive a scholarship or reject it because to prepare Visa and others by parties of Nesso, again I refused a scholarship, then with a heavy heart I declined the offer StuNed scholarship the. Because there is an ideal weight I'll tell you


Tips to qualify for scholarships StuNed based on the feeling and judgement of my personal to the experience I received as an awardee StuNed 2017:


Please read carefully any instructions on the website of NESO

On the registration form, which is very decisive on the number 6, namely the motivational statement which consists of 3 questions. Answer each question with the advanced study program of Your goals, the priority areas of StuNed scholarship, and the impact of Your science for Indonesia after You graduate. This is because the StuNed scholarship search prospective awardee that "Excellence" with the standard assessment TBSP Dutch version.


Attach all other documents that are not required in the website of the NESO.

Look for the person who so ever awardee StuNed to serve as a guide for filling out the Form and prepare the registration documents.


Don't be a deadliners!

After the effort, trust. Release all thoughts about apply StuNed scholarship.



  1. Halo mau nanya dong, untuk motivation statement kan ada 3 pertanyaan, seperti The reason why you apply for the chosen program, Your professional goals and its relevance to the added value that you will obtain from attending the program, and what makes you the best candidate for this scholarship. Penulisan essay nya digabungin untuk ketiga pertanyaan tersebut atau dipisah2 sesuai dengan soal yang ditanya?


    1. Terimakasih Dety atas pertanyaan nya. Untuk essay di gabung, ada 3 paragraph yang mana masing2 paragraph menjawab pertanyaan tersebut dan pertanyaan jangan ditulis ulang, langsung mengarah apa jawabannya

  2. Kak boleh minta alamat emailnya untuk tanya2 seputar beasiswa StuNed?

  3. terima kasih informasinya Mas Agung,
    Boleh saya kirim email juga untuk tanya-tanya terkait beasiswa ini?


  4. Terima kasih infonya mas Agung,
    Saya juga izin email ke mas nya boleh?

  5. Mas Agung, Saya juga mau nanya2 terkait beasiswa Stuned ini via email.. boleh?

    1. Putranda Anuraga
      Hallo Mas Agung
      Boleh kirim alamat emailnya ke Saya ada pertanyaan mengenai beasiswa Stuned.
      Terima kasih

  6. Salam dari Surabaya Mas Agung,
    Mau tanya-tanya juga. Saya drop via email ya.

  7. Assalamualaikum Mas Agung, boleh minta alamat emailnya? Saya mau tanya2 ttg studi ke belanda & stuned. Tks


  8. Bisa minta tolong emailnya mas ke, ada beberapa hal yang mau saya tanyakan ttg beasiswa

  9. Halo mas, mau tanya kalo boleh tau supporting documents (surat rekom dll) diupload di bagian mana ya?

  10. Mas Agung, saya boleh minta alamat emailnya?

  11. Putranda Anuraga
    Hallo Mas Agung
    Boleh kirim alamat emailnya ke Saya ada pertanyaan mengenai beasiswa Stuned.
    Terima kasih

  12. Awesome article!I want people to know just how good this information is in your article.It’s interesting, compelling content.Your views are much like my own concerning this subject. điều kiện du học Nhật Bản

  13. Halo mas, izin mau tanya, kalau reference letter itu minimal berapa ya? dan komposisinya dari akademik atau perlu dari atasan juga? terima kasih


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