Saturday, July 22, 2017


The video was produced in collaboration with employees from around the world. 

Make a difference

Climate change is affecting our way of life. The world’s population continues to increase. At Yara, we are dedicated to solving some of these key challenges: resource scarcityfood insecurity and environmental change

Develop yourself and others

Our success is powered by our collective knowledge. At Yara your colleagues will be industry experts with a wealth of experience to share. Each individual is regarded as an essential contributor with a unique set of competencies. We support our employees in their development because we want them to achieve their potential and to help others to do the same.

Be part of a global community

At Yara, employees from all over the world work together to achieve common goals. We encourage fresh perspectives and collaborate with mutual respect and appreciation. The pace can be fast and our challenges complex, but the atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive.

Grow with us

With roots in Norway, Yara has grown into a global company. One hundred years of business history has shown that we are a reliable employer with a strong focus on safety and good working conditions. Although many years have passed since our founding, we’ve maintained our curious, energetic and entrepreneurial spirit.

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