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[Fully Funded] Global Academy Osaka in Japan

[Fully Funded] Global Academy Osaka in Japan

Since 2010, Junior Chamber International Osaka (‘JCI’ from hereon) have been continuously aiming to recruit students who carry the burden of being the next generation, and have the potential to become leaders who can independently and assertively initiate action to make permanent world peace a reality. Through providing these students with an opportunity to learn and become aware of world peace, they - through their very own personal abilities – hold the Peace Conference of Youth program (‘PCY’ from hereon), derived from the question of ‘What is required to achieve world peace?’( 

In the 2017 fiscal year, the ‘Global Academy Osaka’ (‘GAO’ from hereon) was held. This program goes through PCY activities to provide concrete problem solving skills to those students who bear the responsibility of being the next generation. 

 At GAO, students and young entrepreneurs become as one as they work together to build business models that aim to solve the accumulating amount of problems in our society today. A trigger to create new merits for ‘starting a business’ is a heightened awareness of efforts towards solving problems across the globe, and various tasks are set in place to solve those problems. 

 Among the tasks, the exchange program with Japanese students endeavors to recruit those who have been stimulated, such as those who wish to try new business models in advanced technologies. 

 We deeply appreciate everyone who participates and shares knowledge of the program to others.

The below people are deemed as appropriate to apply for GAO membership. 
    • Those who are not Japanese and have never lived in Japan. 
    • Students aged between 18-24. 
    • People attempting new business models in advanced technology. 
    • Can speak and write to a high level of English. 
    • Those who are able to participate in all of the programs during the event. 
    • Those who are to join the program alone. 
    • Those without any omissions in their application form. 

Expense responsibilities of JCI
As a general rule, JCI Osaka bears the below listed burdens for expenses experienced by participants of the program.
  • Travel Expenses (Airfare)Travel expenses to Osaka from their home country(Y Class). 
  • Transportation ExpensesExpenses concerning transportation within Japan.
  • Living ExpensesCost of hotel (From a JCI Osaka designated hotel)
  • Food Expenses (The breakfast, lunch and dinner as provided by JCI Osaka during your stay.)

Entry Application Procedure
  • Please complete all relevant information in the application form. 
  • Please send a photograph taken in the last six months alongside your application form


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