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The Corruption Eradication commission (KPK) galvanizing 67 youth from 42 community and youth organizations in 17 cities/districts with the spirit and character of anti-corruption. Carrying the theme “Energy of the Young of the Village to the Country”, the activities of the Anti-corruption youth camp-this 3, was held on 18-28 October 2016 at the Gapang Resort, Sabang City, Aceh Province. The participants are the younger generation elected who have passed the selection. In addition to write an essay themed “the Role of Youth Building the nation”, the lunge and the track record of the prospective participant in the activities of the volunterisme in the community are also investigated as the basis of consideration of the enumeration of them in this activity. According to the Deputy Chairman of the KPK, Saut Situmorang, community involvement in social change, is performed on each segment, not to mention the younger generation that is believed to have its own power. "When looking close