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  Who do not know the pkg? Petrokimia Gresik is one of the company located in Gresik city of Industry, state-owned enterprises and the future is assured, top. But yes the entry is of course not easy, hehe.   This petrochemical open in November 2015, we fill the biodata us in his web and lengkapin you, if passed the file selection will be invited for the Academic test. I took the test locations at the University of Brawijaya, Malang where I studied for 3 years 4 months hehe. Actually I joined just adds to the experience because I got a scholarship S2 KGSP in Korea, so while waiting to depart I join the register work create adds experience, this is the series of stages of selection   Academic Test   The test of this academic content is the matter around the Farm, many questions about the biochemistry and physiology of plants, there are some problems the theory is very basic, it is still associated with fertilizers and there is also the matter that if disodorin because now also I am not s


This paper is a personal experience in penetrating scholarship Australia Awards Scholarship. Currently I'm working in the Ministry of Planning and National Development of the Republic of Indonesia, well I really enjoy working here and a lot of knowledge and experience gained but basically I am from high SCHOOL want to work in the Industry but at the moment it is not yet opened recruitment of prospective employees yasudah I in the ministry of hehe.    Actually out passed the S1 I am confused want to pursue Master Degree or to Work first, and there is a chance to get a scholarship KGSP from the South Korean government.  The desire to school Abroad are still very large but a lot of the reason why I must remain sedentary while in Indonesia for the moment hehe.   I have to get Unconditional LoA (Letter of Acceptance) from The Australian National University, Auckland University of Technology, the University of Adelaide. Because of his schedule coincided be StuNed Scholarship then I a


The Corruption Eradication commission (KPK) galvanizing 67 youth from 42 community and youth organizations in 17 cities/districts with the spirit and character of anti-corruption. Carrying the theme “Energy of the Young of the Village to the Country”, the activities of the Anti-corruption youth camp-this 3, was held on 18-28 October 2016 at the Gapang Resort, Sabang City, Aceh Province. The participants are the younger generation elected who have passed the selection. In addition to write an essay themed “the Role of Youth Building the nation”, the lunge and the track record of the prospective participant in the activities of the volunterisme in the community are also investigated as the basis of consideration of the enumeration of them in this activity. According to the Deputy Chairman of the KPK, Saut Situmorang, community involvement in social change, is performed on each segment, not to mention the younger generation that is believed to have its own power. "When looking close


The month of February 2016 so a historic day for me, the result of IELTS I announced and alhamdulillah, its value is sufficient for the minimum requirements of the campus (this is the exam of Both of my previous just to get overall 6.0), I signed up Cornell University, The United States (if you use a minimum Ielts band 7.0 if not wearing a GRE or GMAT) and Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands (if here overall minimum 6.5). Overall my band is 7.5 and the lowest value in writing 6.5 lucky, the campus does not ask the minimum for each section. So even though writing me low but still safe. One section that is so excellent in my score is reading. Thank god I can get 8.5, which means the amount of harm between 2 or 3. Value look pretty so savings buat nambahin band from section to the other. By the way, in the beginning I target to get overall band of 8.0 with a minimum band in each section 8.0. My consideration is if I can get a score that I am safe I try to register in an


Some time later I got a few questions and also invited to some sessions or seminars for sharing about the competition Mapres (Mahasiswa Berprestasi), about time management, tips for scientific presentation and related mapres other. At the same time, because it had begun to work full-time in ministry, not all of the sharing session I can go, especially on weekdays.   here may be never flicked that people who come Mapres is a person who `ambi` (although I often fail to understand why the word ambi or ambitious often has a negative connotation for many people of Indonesia at least that I encountered) and seems not to care about the environment. In fact the word Ambitious own (According to KBBI) means strives hard to achieve a goal or hope. There is no element of violence or violation of the rights of others in the word who is called ambitious. Click here   Therefore, this paper I wrote for sharing your experience and perspective on mapres and why a student join the competition achieving


  Assessment Overview technical online LPDP     Based on information from the breast MILK of an institution partner of the LPDP, a general overview of the implementation of the assessment online is that the participants will be given 24 hours and the test will take 30 – 60 minutes. Then to be additional notes that the types of test in assessment online this is a psychology test. For those who have never get to experience the psychological tests it will be very confused and will be wondering how the technical implementation yes?   I will try to share my experience about psychological tests online, where the current I following the selection of part-time employment in Korea in the NGO Tunza Eco-generation under the auspices of The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the year 2015 and up on the stage of the test. To make it easier I will itemize the parts and will associate with the selection of LPDP, the difference may be in terms of the language used   Get link assessment onl