Sunday, June 04, 2017

The 10th  Eco-generation  Environmental Essay Competition

Deadline: June 5, 2017
Location: Korea

​Samsung Engineering jointly with UN Environment would like to launch “The 10th  Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition” inviting the youth all over the world to raise awareness on the theme of the upcoming World Environment Day – Connecting People to Nature.

As many of you know, World Environment Day is the United Nations’ flagship day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years, it has grown to be one of the largest global platforms for public outreach celebrated by over a million of people in well over 100 countries. Hosted by Canada, this year’s World Environment Day has the theme Connecting People to Nature, and the slogan, “I’m With Nature.” The idea that underpins this is that in our modern world few of us take enough time away from our daily lives to appreciate and engage with our magnificent natural world. By celebrating World Environment Day surrounded by this beauty, we can rediscover the importance of caring for the environment so that it can care for us.

To commemorate WED and its annual theme, Eco-generation would like to celebrate the bigger and better WED than ever and to call on Tunza Eco-generation members around the world to show their love and affection for our shared natural world with an environmental essay.

This program  would like to provide children and youth a chance to show their love and affection for our shared natural world by writing an essay on the value of nature. It also aims to collect inspiring and creative ideas on how we can rediscover the value of nature from the young people by requiring them to think about the importance of the nature and its value for connecting people to our mother nature.

Competition details:

●  Eligibility:

Tunza Eco-generation members aged between 13 and 24 (As of June 5th, 2017)

●  Theme:

 -Connecting People to Nature by rediscovering the value of nature
- inspiring and creative ideas on how and why we should rediscover the value of nature

●  Schedule

   - Submission deadline: June 5th, 2017

   - Result announcement: July, 2017 (to be decided)

  • ● Submission:  Tunza Eco-generation website/Egen Event/Monthly Event>[World] the 10th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition>Application form tab.
  • ●  How to submit your entry:   Please visit the submission link above or click the Application form tab next to the Info tab on this page. First, select the correct category([World] The 10th Eco-generation Environmental Essay Competition) from the event title dropdown list, write any message to Tunza Eco-generation in the content box and attach your essay file in the attachments column. Please check the agreement message box on the personal information and click the submit button. If you want to check your submission status, please click the My page tab on this page. If you want to submnit new entry, please visit My page and delete the priopr entry and then submit new entry in the same procedure.


UN Environment Prize -  1 -  Certificate & Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Engineering Prize  -  1  -  Certificate & Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Eco-generation Prize  -  3  -  Certificate & Samsung Portable Memory

Honorable Mentions  -  20 -  Certificate & Eco-generation souvenirs


●  No entry fee is required.
●  Samsung Engineering reserves First Serial Rights on all submissions. All other rights to the essay remain the property of the author.
●  All entries must be original works, in English. Plagiarism and off topic will result in disqualification.
●  Entries may not have been previously published in professional media.
●  Entries must be from 600 to 800 words in length.
●  Entrants must first register at in order to submit their essay online.
●  All entries must be double spaced in 11pt, with numbered pages in one of the following formats. All other formats will be disqualified.
- MS Word
●  The personal information in the entry must be correct. If any competition winner is not reachable due to wrong information (contact number, address and etc.) prize will be canceled and automatically be given to the next place applicant.
●  Each entrant may submit only one essay.
●  All entries are final. No revisions are accepted.
●  The decisions of the judges are final and are entirely their own and in no part represents the opinion of Samsung Engineering.
●  At the discretion of the judges, all well written essays may be published on the website.


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