Monday, June 12, 2017

OpenVillage Fellowship Program 2017 in  Brussels (Program Awards  up to  €15000 with Travel Cost)

Deadline:  Ongoing
Location: Brussels, Belgium

​Award:  15000 Euros

Are you active in the field of care? Are you working on addressing problems related to health and social care - as a hacker, activist, maker, artist, trailblazer? Want to help shape an event that will take place in Brussels between 19-21 of October 2017?

Edgeryders offers two Fellowships, each of 15.000 Euros, for those of you who already work on care-related projects. Your task will be to help with the communication, outreach, and a curatorial role for one of the tracks of the OpenVillage festival.

How to Apply: 

  1. Connect with other participants by reading their stories at the bottom of  this page, and offering ideas or advice in the form of thoughtful comments.
  2. Think about a theme, session or exhibit on community care, that you would like to curate for the OpenVillage (see the  first proposal here).
  3. Write a post containing your proposal in our    shared workspace.

​About the program, process and selection criteria:

OpenVillage  believe that the future of health and social care is community-based and participatory. We are committed to the idea that care should not necessarily be handed down from institutions to the people but can emerge organically from the people according to their needs.

The OpenVillage Festival is a highly participatory festival showcasing working solutions and demos produced by community members, as well as pathways for working together towards their sustainability. It will take place on October 19-21, 2017 in Brussels and represents the culmination of the OpenCare 18 month research that involves hundreds of original initiatives.

Aiming to deepen community collaboration, during April - May 2017, the SCImPULSE Foundation will appoint 3 “students” to support communication and engagement for the OpenVillage. We use “students” in the Latin sense, of people that will apply themselves to the subject, as fellows of SCImPULSE Foundation, and not in any sense as an indication of career status.

What you will get if selected:

  • A bursary appointment: Up to 15000 Euro to reimburse your working time, distributed on the basis of winners’ financial needs
  • A travel budget: Up to 5000 Euro, to be authorized in advance by due justification.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a story of an open and participatory project of health/social care, who is interested in online and offline collaboration for social good.


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