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Call for Proposals: Best Climate Practices 2017 Contest (Contest will be awarded 3000 euros)

Deadline: May 30, 2017
Location:  Italy

2017 BCP Contest will be awarded 3000 euros!!

The focus of the 2017 contest is “Building local resilience to climate disaster risk”.

Floods, drought, heat waves and other extreme weather and climate events pose threats to persons and communities: losses in life and health, economic damages, displacement, and compromise access to basic needs and services, such as water, food, energy, transport, communication or education.

2017 Best Climate Practices Contest aims to award and promote actionable ideas and concrete projects designed to support urban and/or rural communities in preparing and responding to climate disasters, improving local resilience through enhanced preparedness (ex-ante) and/or recovery (ex-post) capacity.

Who can participate:

The contest is open to anyone, regardless of nationality, age or qualification.
Proposals can be submitted by individual users, teams or organizations.

Submitters can be the authors of the practice or proponents of a third party’s practice. However, it is strictly forbidden to submit someone else’s practice/idea as one’s own. Where an intellectual property owner’s authorization is needed, it is the responsibility of the submitter(s) to obtain such authorization prior to submitting the final materials.

Projects previously exhibited or published on the Best Climate Practices platform may be resubmitted, as long as they conform to the rules and the entry guidelines of the competition. For practices/ideas that have been exhibited or published elsewhere, it is requested to provide clear details through the Note section in the ad hoc web form.

Eligible practices:

The contest is open to practices (projects, initiatives, tools, or ideas) designed to increase the capacity of urban and rural communities to prepare and respond to climate-related disasters.

Submissions not consistent with the 2017 BCP Contest theme, even if commendable projects in and of themselves, will not be taken into consideration. Admissible practices can present:

  • a brand new idea or
  • an already existing project (in its preliminary phase, under way or already concluded).
Proposals must refer to actionable ideas or concrete projects: research papers or dissemination initiatives will not be taken into consideration.
Practices must be submitted according to the rules explained in this Rules and Procedures and in the 2017 Call for Proposals, and following the  accompanying guidelines  published on the Best Climate Practices platform.
To understand what can be considered a best practice read the definition on the  About page.

Submission Rules:

​In order to submit a proposal, participants need to be registered on the BCP platform at
Once logged in, please fill in the entry form on the  Submit a Practice    webpage by following the instructions given.
Complete the application by uploading the  Privacy Consent form  in the “Upload Document” section at the end of the entry form.
Each registered user may submit one or more practices.
No application fee is required.


​The winner practice of the 2017 BCP Contest will be awarded 3000 euros*.

The winner(s) and best shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their projects to a selected audience of experts, researchers, policy-makers and investors during a web-conference organized by ICCG.

The winner will be announced in October 2017.

Further details about the winner announcement and the final web conference will be communicated in due course to the contest’s participants and posted on the Best Climate Practices website.

ICCG will promote the winner and other deserving projects in competition through its communication channels.


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