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Call for Applications for Youth Conference on The 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (9th APCRSHR)

  • Call for Applications for Youth Conference on
    The 9
    Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health
    and Rights (9
    27 November 2017, Vienam
    There are an estimated one billion young people aged between 10 and 24 years living in
    Asia and the Pacific, accounting for more than a quarter of the population in this region.1
    These young people are just entering their sexual and reproductive years, however
    understanding of the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs of the majority (831
    million) who are unmarried remains limited[1]. In Asia, young people are heterogeneous,
    and have come from all walks of life. They recognized that majority of them across the
    region are marginalized and that the situation is particularly difficult for young women and
    girls, people living with disabilities, indigenous people, ethnic and language minorities,
    migrants, young people who use and inject drugs, people living in the context of war and
    humanitarian crises, young people who sell sex, people living with HIV, out of school youth,
    and displaced people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression
    (SOGIE)[2]. The gross inequities in sexual and reproductive health outcomes in the region
    particularly affect adolescents and young people, in particular, through poor access to
    comprehensive sexuality education, sexual and reproductive health services including full
    range of contraceptives, safe abortion, STI and HIV treatment and mental health services.
    Including young people in the design and promotion of the rights and program of actions to
    SRH helps identify the barriers to access and can ensure equity for young people.
    The 9th APCRSHR will be organized from 27th to 30th November 2017 in Vietnam, and will
    be hosted by Vietnam Public Health Association (VPHA). The first day of the conference is
    Youth conference. The theme of the 9
    APCRHR is: Leave NO ONE Behind! - Justice in
    Sexual and Reproductive Health, Youth Conference plays an important role to gather
    young people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression (SOGIE)
    in not only Asia Pacific but also across the world who are working and interested in field of
    Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights to strengthen their voice, exchange the
    knowledge and take actions for their justice and rights to sexual and reproductive health
    issues.. Furthermore, the youth conference becomes an opportunity to promote meaningful
    participation to address the SRHR challenges and inequity among young people by cross
    learning from their peers best practice and practical action in the conference and in their
    own countries when they come back.

  • This conference will cover sub-themes:
    1. Overcoming social, cultural and religious barriers in sexual and reproductive health
    2. Towards a just economic order for sexual and reproductive health
    3. Strengthening justice systems for sexual and reproductive health and rights
    4. Making good quality sexual and reproductive health education available to all
    5. Advancing justice and equity in sexual and reproductive health and health care
    The Award/ Scholarship: General guidelines
    - 50 young people will be given scholarships (25 from Vietnam and 25 from Asia and
    the Pacific Region) which covers conference registration fees, travel and transportation
    including visa fees, board and lodging, other related expenses and pre-conference
    Guidelines for the Youth Scholarship selection
    - Interested young people from Asia and the Pacific region are invited to submit a youth
    application form together with essays.
    - The application form and essay must be sent to the 9
    APCRSHR Youth Scholarship
    Committee ( with the subject "Youth Scholarship
    Application" on or before 30
    June 2017. Late applications will not be considered.
    - Youth Scholarship Committee reviews all the youth applications and selects 50 youth
    scholars (25 from Vietnam and 25 from Asia and the Pacific region). Selected youth
    scholars will be contacted not later than 30
    July 2017 via email. Final list of scholars will
    be announced on 1
    of August 2017.
    Criteria for Selecting the Youth Scholar
    1. The youth should be between the ages of 15 to 24; and living and/or working in Asia
    2. Has a significant contribution or involvement in youth programmes and relevant SRH
    activities in his/her country as reflected in the essay submitted?
    3. You have a working knowledge of English.

  • 4. You have experience working with issues of sexual and reproductive health in any
    capacity and you are passionate about the sexual and reproductive rights of young people.
    5. You have a good social network of other young people and have leadership potential
    6. You have good communication skills and know how to use the Internet and smart
    phones for Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
    7. You can demonstrate how you will use what you learn at the Conference in your work
    and how you will continue to participate in follow-up activities.
    8. First time participation in the APCRSHR is a plus.
    Youth Scholar Responsibilities
    The selected Youth Scholars will commit to participate fully, learn-share, raise their voice
    and take action to address SRHR issues facing youth both during conference and in their
    home countries. During the 4 days conference, the youth scholars will be asked to
    participate in a team to support conference outputs. One team will focus on monitoring and
    evaluation (M&E), including passing out a survey and going around to collect completed
    forms during the afternoon session of the youth conference. Another will focus on media
    and communications, including an interactive photo opportunity for use on social media.
    Post-conference, scholars will be asked to update for their involvement in SRHR advocacy
    or programs in their home countries that they spread or apply the lessons learned during
    the event.
    [1] Sexual and Reproductive health of unmarried young people in Asia Pacific and the Pacific:
    review of knowledge, behaviors and outcomes
    [2] Nay Pyi Taw Youth Recommendation, 2016 Youth conference on the 8
    Asia Pacific
    conference on reproductive and sexual health and rights


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