Monday, May 29, 2017

Azily Social Media Scholarship 2017 (Win $1,000 USD)

Social Media Scholarship 2017

Are you a high school graduate or undergraduate who is looking to offset the cost of your business, tech, marketing, or communications degree?

Apply For Our $1,000 Scholarship:

We’re pleased to announce the Azily Social Media Scholarship annual award $1,000. We know that affording education can be difficult which is why we set up our program to help aid the cost of attending. Those students who are currently studying in the areas of Marketing, Business, IT or Communications may be extremely interested in this scholarship program.
Rather than an expert if you have passion about Social Media you can participate warmly.

How To Apply:

Write a 700 to 1000 words article on one of the following topics:
When you will be done with these steps, email us at with the entire details listed below and attached Word document.
Submit the below application form, along with your essay, by May 30th, 2017.


Deadline Information:

Terms and Conditions

The Social Media Scholarship award will be submitted directly to the educational institution that matches the student’s primary  email address. A scholarship coordinator may contact the student for personal identification information such as a birth date or student ID number in order to deposit the funds directly into the student’s account.
Enrollment and qualifications will be verified after the winner is selected.
Azily will withhold the award for any applicant who no longer meets the eligibility requirements at the time of disbursement.
Azily reserves the right to withhold disbursement in the event that no applicant meets the scholarship’s requirements for academic achievement and writing aptitude.

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